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‘Interview with the Vampire’ by Anne Rice

September 12, 2013

Not really my cup of tea — or my goblet of blood. I prefer my vampires evil and tough, not aesthetes tormented by moral scruples, as the protagonist of this book is. I’m not saying this is a bad book (although it didn’t strike me as a terribly good one, either), just that it’s not my taste. I suppose this is more for girls than for boys: feelings, relationships, beauty — bah, gimme gore! Well, that is not a perfectly accurate characterization of my tastes, but I do prefer some adventure, a certain amount of thrills and action. Actually, there is a little action in this novel, near the end … But no, this is not my preferred type of entertainment. No more Anne Rice for me, I guess.

Maybe I should watch the movie. It can’t be all bad, since it was directed by Neil Jordan, who gave us The Crying Game.

One favorable observation: There was an interesting thought about immortality in the book. Usually people write that immortality wouldn’t really be desirable because life would become more and more boring after a while, because you would have already seen it all, having lived for so long. That sounds somewhat plausible, but never convinced me. Now, in this novel there was a different, contrary thought, namely that immortality is undesirable because it becomes unendurable after a while. What would be unendurable would not be not dying in itself (nor the boredom) but having to live through constant change, having to get to grips with a world that’s ever farther from the world you grew up in, and having to change with it and to adapt to it, again and again. Seems to me the psychology behind this idea is a little more realistic than that in the case of the boredom idea. Mind you, I’m not convinced; while I find adapting to my changing circumstances rather trying, I still prefer it to dying.